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she would like to run for office. after all, she says, what better way to change the world. and that's it for today. have a great week. we will see you next time on fox news sunday. >> this is the fox report, and tonight, bracing for the kind of rain storm that changes landscapes and lives. california on the brink of a weather nightmare. another day, another dollar that you earned could soon be lost, gone to uncle sam. does this sound like the people who work for you are any closer to hammering out a deal before we all go over the so-called fiscal cliff? >> i think we're going over the cliff. >> harris: a dire prediction about the reality which could hit us all.
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and in this, from the man picked to represent the white house in all this. >> i think we have a very good chance for coming together on agreement. >> is that just wishful thinking or is there something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about? tonight, getting a handle on where we really stand in the showdown over taxes and spending cuts. and, one of the busiest forces in the world is in los angeles and there's a good chance something in your home once passed through here. now, union workers hitting picket lines, refusing to work until they get what they want. fox reports. the potential economic fallout on the rest of us from a union fighting to survive. and some less than bright criminals caught on tape. they're trying to steal gas from a golf course, but something they didn't plan on keeps them from make ago fast get away. the video you just have to see. i'm harris falkner, tonight,
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both republicans and democrats digging in deep for what could be a long fight that ends in a self-induced economic calamity. the fiscal cliff now less than a month away. and falling off the cliff could spell trouble in the form of higher taxes, higher unemployment and recession, so analysts tell us. as we approach the edge, a compromise appear object out of reach. and timothy geithner headed up negotiations for the obama administration says the deal will be hard to come by without tax hikes for higher income americans and republican leaders led by house speaker john boehner calling the president's proposal essentially a waste of time. >> i was flabbergasted. >> we've the got seven weeks between election day and the end of the year, and three of those weeks have been wasted. >> steve centanni kicks off our college tonight from washington d.c. steve, where exactly do we stand tonight? >> well, harris, democrats are hoping republicans to raise
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taxes on the wealthy and the republicans are accusing the white house of wasting time. and saying that he didn't have a serious proposal when he reintroduced a plan to reduce 4 trillion dollars. >> the president asking for 1.6 trillion dollars worth of new revenue over ten years, twice as much as he's been asking for in public. his system spending in here that exceeded the amount of new cuts that he was willing to consider. it was not a serious offer. >> but so far it's the only white house offer on the table, a starting point for further negotiations, one would assume, harris? >> not to sound pessimistic, but it's a fact, even if he reached a deal tonight, it would tough to meet that deadline by the end of the year, because there's red tape profit to deal with. >> that's right, it takes time and time to get the legislation drafted and passed and to get it scored by the congressional budget office to
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determine the real cost and savings, but the white house remains optimistic and treasury secretary geithner says raising taxes on the wealthy and specific cuts and he does see movement among republicans. >> you've heard that for the first time, i think, in two decades now acknowledge they're willing to have revenues go up as part of the balanced plan. that's a good first step, but they have to tell us what they're willing to do on rates and revenues, very hard for republicans, we understand that, but there's no way through this without that. >> meantime, house minority leader nancy pelosi is putting out a statement urging speaker boehner to put up for a vote. >> harris: now a question, what are the lawmakers not telling us what happens. the short answer the retirement and 401(k) funds are taking a beating. you along with wall street investors should be watching what happens in d.c.
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if they don't get it done or wait until the last seconds to get one. it costs you money and it's already happening. here is brenda buttner, senior business anchor of bulls and bears. >> harris, wall street watching washington hoping we don't fall off the fiscal cliff. the fear we might could mean a fall in your savings. this, even though december is a month you usually see gains, often more than okay for your 401(k), the s&p 500 a big part of many retirement accounts, has gone up 16 in the past 20 years during this month. but now, investors are scared a plunge over the cliff could send the economy falling back into recession. those worries sent stocks falling. the s & p down two straight weeks after the election, even though it has made up four of the 5.3% loss, whenever there was a glimmer of a hope of a deal, headed up. and the fallout from the fiscal cliff could put even more pressure on unemployed americans, or those just trying to keep up with house
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payments. except more ups and downs for your investments ahead, but not so much because of big numbers out this week, among them, an important reading on manufacturing tomorrow, and then, what is often the biggest market mover of any month, the jobs report. november's release before the bell on friday. the cliff will likely overshadow even that. and with tax increases looming on capital gains and dividends, investors may start selling before the end of the year to get the better deal if there is no deal. that means, december may not live up to its history of heading higher and leave many questions about what the new year will mean for your bottom line. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you very much. >> and a fox news weather alert. people in parts of northern california and the pacific northwest dealing with dangerous amounts of rain. las of storms batthering the same region for days now, causing flooding. well, look at this. and raising fears now of
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mudslides, and dominic di-natale is live for us in petaluma, california and dominic, you're kind of in a lull right now, really a chance for people to brace for the next round and we know it's coming. >> absolutely. it will be round four, round three and the rain lashed down all nights into the earlier morning. by dawn, it was clear skies at the moment and that's because most of the rain headed south. a big concern, most of all was the city of napa, where back in 2005 it had such bad floods they were bracing themselves for more again. and the river is expect today peak around about now and this time they'll do better than they did in 2005. take a listen. >> because of the history of flooding in napa, we have a really good idea of where the water will come out first. we know there's some certain points so we can plan in advance, at this moment, if the projections of the
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rainfall totals are accurate, we're probably looking at street flooding, intersections being flooded and nothing terribly serious, and i say that with a caveat. >> and now, that's probably why he does take the caveat and these are the three rivers on the brink at the moment. obviously, the napa river there, further out to the west, we've got the russian river and, but also of concern has been the trucky river which flows from nevada through to california. and however, we've just actually learned from the national weather service, there's a flood warning there and it's going to be lifted and we saw it crested at 4 p.m. and that's due to subside toward midnight and that's actually a relief because it was expected over its banks. >> harris: that lift is eight minutes old, new and breaking information there, and noi that area pretty well, lots of vineyards there and the
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economy is bracing what, will happen to the dollar we've seen early damage from the downed power lines and the winds, now with the water coming, what are people doing? >> reporter: well, we've seen a bit of that in sacramento, cars were struggling, actually to get through the rain there, but people to some extent taking a philosophical attitude. take a listen to one resident, harris. >> it will be three to four high across the front of the garage doors, same thing on the back, and then just weight down tarps over the wood and hopefully the water will go up and around it rather than underneath. the river comes over the banks, we're used to it. like we've gone through. >> reporter: quite an easy going attitude there, but a lot of people are going to be extremely upset and the cost of damage to people has not been estimated at this point. you know, the deluge of last night was amounted to-- the rain that was actually dropped in the the previous two storms so clearly a the lot of people are going to be hit by this. we'll know over the next few
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days how bad it's really going to be. but now the rain has hit the rivers and cull verts and headed towards them, harris. >> harris: dominic di-natale, thank you very much. behind all of those storms is an unusual weather pattern, it's called an atmospheric river. i mentioned that last night and we'll press in and dig in deeper, on the map see the green yellow line from the pacific to california that's carrying the waves and waves of moisture and meteorologist maria molina is in our fox extreme weather center. maria, do we need to at atmospheric river to our vocabulary or a fluke? >> we do tend to see sochlt storms now and then, harris. and basically as you saw in that picture, a line of storms lined up in towards the west coast and they've happened in the past and sometimes we call them a pineapple express because the storms can line up from hawaii and impact portions of the west coast. so, again, just a lo the of moisture with the the storms and you get to see so many of them in a row and that's why we do tend to see flooding
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when we get these kind of patterns, setting up impacting portions of the west coast and while some flood warnings or flash flood warnings have been allowed to expire, from southwestern portions of california and southwestern portions of oregon, the good news we're expecting a lull, as far as any rainfall goes until monday. it will kick off the work week. as we head into tuesday we'll actually see another storm start to impact northern california and the pacific northwest so again we're expecting more moisture and the ground is already saturated from all of the storms impacting the west coast through the work week. and 50, to 70 miles per hour across the northern rockies and portions of california and a number of wind warnings and also some wind advisories in effect out here because of the stormy weather pattern that's in place. as we take a look at the future radar, basically the next 48 hours, a bit of a lull in monday, as far as rainfall through california and the next system arrives producing heavy rain across many of the same areas and already had to
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deal with it and as we head into some of the higher elevations you're talking snow for the northern rockies and also the cascades across parts of washington and oregon. right now, again, most of it's wrapping up. that's good news, seattle, portland dealing with showers, but northern california drying out little bit. as we head eastbound, two more things. the northeast areas of showers especially across new england and headed to the plains, very warm temperatures in the plains, 80 over in dallas and for tomorrow, that's going to be the story again, so we're going to be looking at basically that continuing warmth across places in the plains, 81 will be the high tomorrow in dallas. >> harris: maria molina, thank you very much. and right now, police are trying to unravel a bizarre scene happening outside a home. the bodies of four people found facedown in the yard. we do know the house is on a street lined with other homes, schools, places of worship, but neighbors say is a safe place. we'll bring you what we're
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learning. and earlier, a hearing for the man accused in what is believed to be the largest intelligence leak in u.s. history. remember private bradley manning and all of those government secrets that ended up on the internet? now what his defense team wants you to know. stay close. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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i love you, grandma! [ male announcer ] humana. ♪ >> it it's been a tough season for the kansas city chiefs in the nfl and yesterday, a player committed murder and suicide and with that on their minds, chiefs played the game. the death of linebacker jovan belcher and his girlfriend. a moment of silence just before the game today in honor of all the victims of domestic violence. no mention of belcher by name. police say belcher shot and killed his girlfriend cassandra perkins at their home and then drove to the
4:17 pm
chiefs training facility near arrowhead stadium, took out a gun and shot himself in front of his coach and general manager. belcher and perkins were parents of a three month old baby girl, who was in another room at the time of the shooting. she was not hurt. the chiefs won today. they beat the carolina panthers only their second win of the season. that's of course nearly over. following the game. players from both teams gathered at the center of the field in prayer. >> well, the taliban sparking a two hour gun battle at a joint u.s. afghan air base today. we're told two cars packed with explosions barreled toward the main gate of the air base in eastern afghanistan. one of the cars blew up at the gate and guards started shooting at the second vehicle before it also exploded and american helicopters joining the fight and three afghan workers killed, and two afghan students caught nup the fighting also died and today marks the largest ambush on u.s.-shared air base since february when a car bombing at
4:18 pm
the gate, killed nine afghans. the controversy surrounding u.n. ambassador susan rice is not going away apparently anytime soon. even if the president nominates her as secretary of state. and some are standing by their criticism. and the comments she made following the deadly terror attack in benghazi, libya that led to the deaths of four americans. the story she told after the 16th of september after looking at the intelligence does not go yell beyond the truth. >> and saying we have decimated al-qaeda, nowhere in the talking point and saying the attacks were direct result of a heinous video, that was not in the talking points. ambassador rice talked with the same senators and capitol hill, she admitted to releasing inaccurate
4:19 pm
information, but that admission failed to move the lawmakers who say she misled the american public. and what is the largest leak of u.s. intense, the trial of bradley manning pushed back from february to march. a military judge announcing that change today during a pre-trial hearing. the delay coming as manning's defense team tries to get it dismissed. he's 24 years old, accused of giving the website wikileaks hundreds of thousands of classified documents in 2010. he faces life in prison a string of charges including aiding the enemy. another man connected to that same scandal. the founder and editor in chief of wikileaks, julian assange. the ecuador minister saying his human rights are violated. he didn't say now. assange took ref rouge in the
4:20 pm
embas embassy before extraditing him to sweden for a rape case. and former president george h.w. bush, our nation's 41st president spending another night in a houston hospital. we'll check in on his condition. and the tensions in egypt spilling on to u.s. spoil. supporters for and against the egyptian president's power grab of recent days, choosing to square off at the same place, in the united states. we'll show you where they chose to do that. stay with us. this holiday, share everything.
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>> right now, a murder
4:24 pm
mystery in california where four people have been found dead outside a home in the yard. los angeles police saying the victims were discovered this morning facedown at a suburban housing complex. a local tv station reporting the bodies, two women and two men, were lined up next to each other on the ground. police searching for suspects, but they say they do not believe this was random. the growing political crisis in egypt taking a new turn today. the protesters took their anger to the streets of our nation's capital. the muslim brotherhood demonstrating outside the egyptian embassy in washington d.c. in support of egyptian president mohammed morsi. those against morsi holding a raldy at the same time and the same place and those much smaller and calmer than what we've seen in egypt, well, obviously and thankfully. in that country today. the top court suspended the work indefinitely in what the judges are calling a protest against psychological and physical pressures and that's
4:25 pm
the latest development in response to the power grab in put himself above the constitutional committee, above the lauf. and steve, where do things stand now with that constitutional court. >> reporter: harris, you have the unusual situation here in cairo of the highest court in the country, the supreme constitutional court. and right now, its judges are basically afraid to go in to work. they say they're psychologically and physically intimidated by the crowd that was around that courthouse this morning and they did not go to the courthouse or carry out their work. and the suspension one week after the president of this country said any act he issues is final, not subject to the courts. so, within a week, we really have a couple of basic challenges to democracy by a democratically elected president, harris. >> harris: and of course it's getting attention here in the united states like never before. we're all curious to know what's going to happen in the coming week for morsi and his
4:26 pm
opponents. >> we're likely to see what we've seen in the past few days, that basically a compligs among supporters on the street, seeing which side can get out of larger numbers, initially, it was the protesters, anti-morsi crowd and may have peaked out with 250,000. and the pro government protesters yesterday, 200,000 many of them muslim brotherhood to show support for president morsi and expect to rally more support for this constitution. the entire nation votes on this new constitution, december 15th and the pro horsey forces will try and mobilize a yes vote. harris. >> steve harrigan streaming live. and former president george h.w. bush remains hospitalized in houston, doctors treating him for a stubborn case of bronchitis. he's 88 years old and has been in and out of the hospital
4:27 pm
recently with this condition. and palestinian president abbas getting a heroes welcome after winning big at the united nations, one that the u.s. and israel do not support, as you know. what israel did today that has the palestinians claiming payback for their win. we report from the middle east next. and a scene inside a tunnel that runs through a mountain. that tunnel collapses, trapped inside drivers and their passengers. the latest on that.
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ichltd. >> i'm harris falkner, it's the bottom of the hour time now for the top of the news. lawmakers wrestling to make a deal to keep us from going over the so-called fiscal cliff taking to the airwaves. house speaker john boehner rejecting the proposal and calling talks a waste of time and treasury secretary timothy geithner standing firm saying there will be no deal without raising taxes for top earners. a new and unusual storm system bringing inches of rain and strong winds to northern california and parts of the pacific northwest. today's round predicted to be the worst of series that have come already, bringing flooding problems in several areas, but there is more rain to come. the taliban targeting a joint
4:32 pm
u.s.-afghan base killing at least five afghans. and the gun battled lasted two hours, no americans were hurt in the attack. new developments tonight for america's strongest ally and friend in the middle east, israel. it follows last week's decision by the united nations general assembly to upgrade the palestinian status from observer entity to non-member state, a move both israel and the u.s. voted against. today, israel announcing a decision of its own, the palestinians consider retaliation for their victory. david lee miller has now more from jerusalem. >> harris, only days after the united nations upgrated the status of the palestinian to non-member observer state, it's withholding money to the palestinian authority. israel collects the money on behalf of the palestinians customs freese. and the minister says it's going to be confiscated because the palestinian authority owes some 200 million dollars to israelis
4:33 pm
firms, including the state-run electrical company. meanwhile, palestinian president abbas arrived in ramallah to a hero's welcome, about 5,000 people rallied outside the government headquarters and the u.n., historic achievement. meanwhile, as palestinians celebrated israeli settlement construction on the west bank continues. in response to the u.n. vote israel says it's planning for additional construction in the very same area and the actual work would be years away. the government gave the green light to construction of 3000 other units, in east jerusalem and elsewhere on the west bank. at the weekly cabinet meeting, prime minister benjamin netanyahu dismissed settlement construction saying, we will carry on building in jerusalem and all places on the map in israel's strategic interest. if israel continues with the plan palestinians say they'll destroy any chance of them having a viable state. the u.s. has said the settlement announcement is
4:34 pm
counterproductive to the peace process. harris. >> harris: david lee. thank you. a deadly tunnel collapse killing at least six people and sparking a frantic search now for survivors. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. japan, that collapse coming deep inside a mountain on a main highway linking tokyo to central japan. fire, thick smoke, and the fear of a second cave-in, keeping rescue workers from looking for survivors and investigators trying to determine what caused dozens of concrete panels to fall from the tunnel's roof. south korea, the country's foreign minister holding an emergency meeting, to address north korea's plan to launch a long range rocket later this month. the north saying the rocket is meant to send satellites into space, but the u.s. and allies say it's just cover for north korea he is real goal of developing successful long
4:35 pm
range ballistic mechanism. spain, notice the wheelchairs in the crowd of protesters. 10,000 people taking to the streets of madrid, angry that government cutbacks will crush people with disabilities. the austerity measures reducing services, closing specialty centers and laying off care workers. france, a coded letter sent in 1812 by na popoleon bonaparte, saying that force that was then. now selling for more than $243,000. that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. disaster in a state left devastated by superstorm sandy, but this one man made. a train carrying toxic car ge goes off the track and people forced from their homes for days now, and now, another setback in the cleanup efforts. and also, we've all seen our
4:36 pm
fair share of silly criminal stories, come on admit it, they never get old. and why this pair of ban did i understand could take the cake. >> i think this'll be on world's dumbest criminals, they came in here unequipped and unprepared and ended up leaving their vehicle here. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lower than spdr tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and even lower than vanguard. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that means with schwab, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 your portfolio has tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 a better chance to grow. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and you can trade all our etfs online, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 commission-free, from your schwab account. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so let's talk about saving money, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab etfs. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab etfs now have the lowest operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective lipper categories.
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>> two of our nation's busiest ports, the clerical workers union of los angeles claims that they've been working without a contract and now they want a new deal and that's not all. they want a guarantee their jobs won't be outsourced. the dock workers crossing the picket lines in a show of solidarity. the economic impact of this strike, a billion dollars a
4:40 pm
day as ships scramble to find new places to unload their goods. a total of ten of the 14 terminals are shut down and the bigger problems, new concern ships could avoid southern california altogether and simply go look for a newport to do business with. now, we hear both sides are starting to talk in hopes of reaching a deal soon. we're learning families who had to leave their homes will have to city out a few more days following a train derailment. looking into whether a signal problem is to blame at that crossing. this is the scene we showed you last night with seven cars tipped over in southern new jersey on friday. the accident causing a hazardous chemical to spew into the air and water there because it went into a creek and it sent dozens of people into the emergency rooms with nausea and dizziness and more than 100 people were forced from their homes as i mentioned, evacuated as a result. and today officials say they won't be able to return to their homes until at least next saturday. meanwhile, authorities are trying to figure out how this all happened and again, that
4:41 pm
traffic signal that they're looking at. anna kooiman is here. and they said a couple of hours when it was breaking news on friday and now they're saying another week. >> reporter: fortunately, some have been able to go home and they're experiencing health-- take a look at that, residents in the surrounding areas of the crash site at last check, 80 people treated with symptoms associated with the flamable gas known as vinyl chloride and one tanker breached and did begin leaking that toxic chemicals. workers and businesses outside the evacuation zones are reporting health problems, too, feeling short of breath, dizzy and complaining of headaches and eye irritation, so far no serious injuries have been reported. >> my eyes have been burning and then today, working into tonight, all three of us, headaches, eyes are burning. >> and having some migraines. >> i never get sick ever and never had headaches and my
4:42 pm
eyes are just like strained. >> reporter: and they are outside of the evacuation zone. so the workers there at the businesses are also complaining that they haven't had a lot of business because of the issues of course. and at the height of those evacuations there were about 500 people displaced from the 13 block radius therein and more than a hundred out of their homes and the evacuation area is in place saturday and a day care and a school closed all day in the hot zone. no new evacuations. >> harris: and the the hot zone, i remember in friday, the schools were on lockdown and people were told to shelter in place and now they'll simply keep everything closed. now, i mentioned that traffic signal at that bridge. there have been problems with that before? >> yeah, the national transportation safety board are saying workers with the company that owns and maintains the bridge were doing administrations on that very bridge just the day before the derailment. n.t.s.b. officials are pointing to a faulty signal
4:43 pm
and they'll review following a 2009, 16-car derailment and the conductor has been with conrail since 2008 and worked the accident route previously, but was his first week back on it. the n.t.s.b. say they winter to get their investigators to wait for the coast guard have crews to pump out the hazardous materials which should be beginning right now. >> and there's vinyl chloride containers and we still need to get those contains and potential for releases in the future even after we take care of the one that breached originally. so we're taking all precautions to ensure that everybody remains safe. >> and they plan on using cranes here to take out those tankers that are there. in the meantime, the coast guard is also collecting water samples and monitoring the air quality which they say so far have gone very well.
4:44 pm
>> harris: anna kooiman, thank you very much. this just in, a u.s. coast guard member killed in a crash. we knew about this earlier today and we were waiting for details to come in and now we know how this has happened. apparently the coast guard vessel collided with a smugglers boat somehow and another coast guard member injured and the crash happening off the coast of southern california and authorities saying the coast guard members were thrown from their boat and into the water when the smugglers vessel ran into them. two people have been detained and we'll bring you more as we learn it on the story. >> a football fan takes a nasty spill on the college game and now on the critical list our first stop on this trip across america. north carolina, charlotte police say the man fell 40 feet from an escalator just after the acc championship game between florida state and georgia tech. he landed on the concrete below near the players entrance and investigators saying they believe the fall was an accident.
4:45 pm
they won't say if alcohol was involved. oregon, surveillance cameras at a portland golf course capturing some not so smart criminals in the act. watch as the guys try to get hundreds of gallons of gasoline out of this huge storage tank. after 15 minutes they give up, but when they try to get away, hmmm, turning out they're out of the one thing they were trying to steal. >> i think they're going to be on the world's dumbest criminals, actually. >> harris: the wannabe criminals leaving their get away truck at the course. so far police not making any arrests. wisconsin, oh. 'tis the season to run through the frigid streets of madison. some people half dressed, but for a good cause. hundreds of them running, sprinting and skipping for the inaugural madison santa swimsuit run, the goal to raise money for a children's charity. back to oregon, meet the newest start of the portland
4:46 pm
zoo. this baby elephant not straying far from her mom during the first public appearance, she weighs 300 pounds after 30 hours of labor, yowza and there's a contest to choose the baby's name. that's a fox watch across america. one college with quite a different way to keep students thin, providing a new health program that should benefit every student on campus they say, but it's coming at a cost. >> and take a look at this crash, multiple vehicles, multiple injuries, at the center of it all, a pig. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals
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>> a multi-vehicle accident in one state blamed on a squealing pig. the florida highway patrol saying the animal triggered a series of collisions and a chain reaction crash injuring nearly a dozen people, including a baby and we're told the pig was in the middle of the road when the driver hit it and several drivers in the back of her vehicle, it's not clear where the pig came from. being obese is not okay. ab one college is getting the message out and making it clear. in atlanta, the all women's college canceling its entire division three sports program and replacing it with something that will affect every student on campus. elizabeth prann joins us live from the atlanta bureau, elizabeth. how do the athletes feel about this? >> well, the athletes tell us they're essential going to miss competing in int
4:51 pm
intercollegiate activities and it will support the entire student body. time is running out for the spellman county jaguars, sophomore amber banks knows this will be her last year as a division three athlete. >> and it's tough to swallow. >> in fact, this is the last year for all ncaa conference sports at fellman, a historically black women's college in atlanta and shifting funds used for uniforms, referees and travel to wellness programs for all 2100 spellman students. >> since the announcement has been made and other colleges say we're interested in what you're doing and like to know more. health statistics, show that four out of five african-american women are considered obese, the highest rate of any group in the u.s. >> our students, most of whom are african-american women are twice as likely to become diabetic, more likely to
4:52 pm
experience heart attack or stroke in their lifetime. >> spellman will renovate the athletic complex into a state of the art fitness center, complete with yoga and spinning rooms with a running track. and students will learn about healthy food choices and overall wellness. for the hard core athletes, there will still be intramural leagues, and the athletics, and it builds character and it really builds this one in whatever you do in life. >> and now, harris, to put it all in perspective, a little less than 100 ncaa athletes enrolled, but 2100 students at spellman all of whom who could potentially benefit from the new wellness center and it will be breaking ground next summer. >> to make it clear they can't financially do both. the frahm and the wellness center and other colleges, and schools across the country looking at this if they are cash strapped? >> yeah, we spoke with dr. beverly tatum and since they
4:53 pm
launched the initiative, a number of calls of college across the country who are facing not only the monetary benefits, but also the fact that health is a big issue with college campuses across the nation, harris. >> elizabeth prann. thank you very much. a quick programming note. this week and gretta van susteren traveled across the west to interview the new governor, susanna martinez and she spoke and got a rousing round of cheers when she finished. and the governor is the first woman hispanic governor in the united states and considered a raising store in the g.o.p. and she'll take us back to her home in el paso, texas and the small business that her family started there. on the record airs tomorrow night at 10 p.m. eastern, don't miss my friend gretta. a big change in the pockets for the new york jets. mark sanchez benched. and beat is going to gain me at home base here. stay with us.
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
>> okay, if i'm quarterback mark sanchez the lead guy for the jets, i'm calling my agent and saying, shop me, dude. and so they put the backup to the backup's brother's mom on the field today. >> guess what, they won. mark sanchez came out against the arizona cardinals and looked worse than he ever has before and the jets fans have been clamoring for a change and everybody knows they brought up tim tebow over the off season and were expecting him to be the backup quarterback and tebow hurt his ribs and unavailable and sanchez throws three interceptions in the first half and rex ryan pulled the plug on sanchez ab goes to greg mcel roy. but here he is, rolls out to the right and tosses a touchdown pass and jets defense says juf. 7-6 and i promise you jacksonville next week, we have quite a little
4:58 pm
controversy here in new york city, mark sanchez guaranteed a 20 million dollar contract extension over the off season. what happens now? >> wow, and i'm going to get in trouble. it wasn't really his mother, but may as well have been, we didn't know the guy. and i know there's a cross-state line between the packers and vikings and that's not why you were watching today. >> packers and the bears all season, and the bears lost to the seahawks, a surprise game at home. and the packers though held court and won, beat the vikings in lambeau field and the packers won five straight and embarrassed by the giants on saturday night and came out and throwing the ball and looked good and green bay is now in first place in the nfc. >> i didn't think that i'd be breaking news by saying that new england won today, but apparently i guess it is. >> the patriots are red-hot and scored 59 points against the colts and against the jets and today, the dolphins actually gave them a game in miami.
4:59 pm
and the patriots to win though, they clinch a playoff division first, and they do it every year and they'll go to the playoffs this year with another victory. >> they just have to secure their fans a little bit. >> let's move on to college and the heisman trophy,one football. >> john any football, everyone, and go and look up johnnie man ziel. they were the only team to beat alabama, did it in alabama and his numbers, there it is, the heisman trophy winner, love this kid. 18 years old. freshman and no one heard of him before this season and he's probably going to win the the heisman and the vote is next weekend in new york and we'll know mo the 2012 heisman trophy is. back to the season in the nfl for just a second before i let you go. >> yeah. >> harris: we're coming down the home stretch. >> you love doing this. >> harris: you know i'm going to call you on it. you're still sticking with the houston texans. >> 11-1 and look great. >> harris: i know you say

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